02 Sep

Brother’s Meeting on 9/3/2020

Good evening,

We are looking forward to a brother’s meeting on Thursday, September 3 at 7:30 pm. Our primary objective for this brother’s meeting is to respond to the revisions made to Virginia executive order #67.

In addition to the adjustments we have made to our Sunday morning service, the Governor’s executive order now also includes the requirement that cloth face masks be worn for indoor worship services. In response to this revised executive order, we as a leadership team would propose that we begin wearing cloth face masks for church services held indoors. Other options would include having our Sunday morning service outdoors (while the weather permits), going back to a live-streamed virtual service on Sunday mornings, or having drive-in services in the church parking lot.

At the brother’s meeting we hope to affirm the necessity of honoring God by respecting the civil government, understand the opinions and perspectives of the brothers, and work out a satisfactory solution for church services that will honor God.

We thought it would be helpful for each of us to have read over the relevant information from the state of Virginia as it relates to worship services. Click on the link below this paragraph for a compilation of information taken from several state publications with links to the original documents for your reference. If the following link doesn’t work for you, please e-mail duaneweaver@pcfnet.net for a copy.

Cloth Face Covering Mandates


the PCF Leadership Team