02 Feb

Pilgrim Announcements Sunday – 02/02/20

Announcements for Sunday – 02/02/20

Next Week’s Sunday School

SS Lesson: I Timothy 1:1-20
Memory Verse: I Timothy 1:17
Offering: General Fund

Sunday Evening

  • Family Night this evening, at 7:00.
  • Next Sunday evening will be Small Bible Study Groups.


  • C2C is planned for Monday evening.
  • Tuesday will be the Sisters’ Sewing.
  • Friday is the VA School Institute. There will be no school.
  • Ken will be preaching here next Sunday.
  • A Members’ Meeting will be held either February 18 or 19. Let one of the ministry know if either of these dates does not work for you.
  • Thanks from Dan and Barbara Chupp for the church’s generosity during Barbara’s sickness.
  • Special Prayer Request for the Zodhiates family.

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