07 Feb

Sunday evening small groups

The Sunday evening committee is planning small groups for the upcoming Sunday evening on February 11.

The new groups are shown below.

Since this is the first time the groups are meeting, the suggested activity is simply getting together and having an informal time of getting to know each other.

Group leaders – you are responsible to contact everyone in your group and arrange a time and place. Not everyone has email, so not everyone has received this message.

Small Groups 2018

The name in bold is the person responsible to lead and organize the group and its activity. Please feel free to give comments or ask questions.

The Sun. evening Committee


Anthony Miller

Irvin Miller

Kenneth Troyer

Pat Wright

David Miller

Laura Summy

Bennie Byler


Titus Hershberger

Dan Chupp

Ray Cranfill

Darrell Hershberger

Julia Hershberger

Sadie Kinsinger


Jonathan Troyer

Jason Yoder

Fannie Mae Yoder

Tom Swarey

Paul Hershberger

Simon Schrock

Jarry Young


Ben Hershberger

Willis Miller

Duane Weaver

Allen Beiler

Jeffrey Miller

Edwin Summy


Larry Beiler

Jr. Beachy

Jonathan Miller

Maynard Miller

Fannie Miller

Katura Troyer


Jesse Hershberger

LaVerne Miller

Randy Miller

Wayne Troyer

Ivan Swarey

Ken Miller


Joey Miller

Duff Browne

Arlen Miller

Sadie Schrock

James Hershberger

Kenny and Rolanda


Wes Sensenig

David L. Miller

Becky Chupp

Allen Miller

Monroe Chupp

Noah Malinda Yoder