05 Feb

Pilgrim Announcements for Sunday, 2/4/2018

See last Sunday’s announcements for Sunday School information.


  1. Sister’s sewing tomorrow. Click here for Devotional Paper. For those who do not have e-mail but plan to be at the sewing, please call Ruth Weaver at (540) 280-1879 or Duane (540) 649-2643 and we will get one to you.
  2. Virginia school meeting here at Pilgrim on Friday. There will be a food list at the sewing tomorrow. Most people will need to sign up since we are providing 3 meals. You may call Sharon Troyer today to see what is needed.
  3. The youth should check the youth calendar for this week’s events
  4. Jonathan is preaching next Sunday
  5. Duane plans to be in Slanesville next Sunday