06 Jan

Internet use survey

Dear Pilgrimites,

Trent Clugston, administrator at Mountain View nursing home, has put together a survey about internet and media use. He wants as much participation as possible.  See below for his email and explanation.

Please follow this link to fill out the survey: https://s.surveyplanet.com/S1mJgKWQz

I just completed the survey myself and it was well worth my time. I got a better picture of what may be coming down the pipe for us.

I’d highly encourage all of us who use internet or have a smart phone to take this. Results are completely anonymous.

Please pass this on to your friends.

Thanks! Darrell


Good Afternoon and Happy New Year.

This year I am attempting to do a little research concerning the affects of the internet and social media on our churches and families. I know that this is a constant topic of discussion among ministers and leaders in our constituency and across the Anabaptist world. My goal is to provide a measurable method of determining the impact of the internet. This may not be successful, but I felt that it was worth a try.

As I relate to people around me, I see a lot of mixed results related to the internet and social media. As a result, I felt that we should find a way to survey and possibly quantify these results would be extremely valuable. The only way in which this will work is if this survey finds its way into many Anabaptist ministries, churches, and homes across the country and abroad. The more input this has the better the picture we will receive. So, I implore you to help me circulate this survey as far and wide as possible within your sphere of influence. I would love to see this circulated to the four corners of the Anabaptist world. (Roman, could you send this to the Beachy Ministers/Beachy Men’s groups?)

This survey is completely confidential in an attempt to make it something that even those that might be struggling will feel safe to fill it out. I do hope that this helps those men and women that might be struggling to gain courage and realize that these struggles are not isolated. My hope is that we start an appropriate discussion that allows us all to work together and grow together in Christ.

Please follow this link to fill out the survey: https://s.surveyplanet.com/S1mJgKWQz

In Christian Love,


Trent K Clugston


Mountain View Nursing Home

1776 Elly Rd

Aroda, Va. 22709