05 Nov

Info about Ken’s situation

Here is the information about calling our House or Senate representatives to ask if Ken couldn’t have his home confinement back.

When I called Bob Goodlatte’s Staunton office, the receptionist answering the phone seemed very used to people calling to air their thoughts. She took down my info and said they’d get back with me. When I called Mark Warner’s DC office, there was an option to press “1” to leave an opinion for Mark Warner. That was easy. I told them I was a constituent from Stuarts Draft, zip 24477, and related my concern.


Ken says:

Hello family and friends,

Peace to you on this beautiful morning! I was talking to my good friend, Doug—a 26 year veteran of the BOP, and a very warm brother in Messiah— over breakfast about my situation.

He recommended having my community call my U.S. Congressman and Senator. He said phone calls are the most effective at reaching our representatives. And if a senator or congressman calls the BOP, they listen.

I wonder if something like that  could be organized, where 5-6 people a day call Goodlette’s and Kaine’s offices? Goodlette has an office in Harrisonburg, and maybe Staunton, as well as his D.C. office. If 2-3 people a day could call the  local office and 2-3 the D.C. office it would get his attention. Same thing with Tim Kaine’s local and U.S office.

Someone could write up some talking points that callers could draw from such as:

Ken Miller, being held at Federal Correctional Complex in Petersburg. Bureau of Prisons #08464-082. Finishing up a 27 month sentence for “aiding and abetting an international parental kidnapping” in the Lisa Miller child custody case. (see www.millercase.org)

Was scheduled to go on home confinement through the Riverside Regional Jail home release program on December 15th–through March 6th, his final release date.  Found out on Nov. 1, that his home confinement has been terminated because of the Trump administration’s budget cuts. He was greatly anticipating being  home for Christmas with his family. His wife, four children, his church and his family business all need  him.

Difficult to understand how keeping Mr. Miller locked up for 81 more days would help the Federal Government save money.

Request intervention to see if there isn’t some way if Mr. Miller could still be released on schedule to go directly to home confinement , under the supervision of his probation officer.  This would save the Federal government money and allow him to be home with his family by Christmas.

He is not a flight risk in any way,  having voluntarily returned from Ireland in late 2011 to turn himself in to the Federal Government, and has had no behavior violations, and has never been in trouble with law before.

Thank you for considering this request.


And here is the contact information:

  1. Bob Goodlatte
    1. DC office: (202) 225-5431
    2. Staunton office: (540) 885-3861
  2. Mark Warner
    1. DC office: (202) 224-2023
  3. Tim Kaine
    1. DC office: (202) 224-4024