17 Apr

From Ken

To my dear brothers and sisters,
Hallelujah, Christ is risen! We are free in Him, able to walk in a new kind of life.
Could you join with me in prayer for a friend, Rick? He’s rather rough looking, shaggy hair and weather beaten face. He just got here not long ago. Medical imaging shows a mass near his left shoulder and spots on his left lung. And he’s in a lot of pain. It doesn’t look good.
But it’s really tough to get proper medical care in here. Today he wasn’t able to get his medications for some reason, after multiple attempts.
Last week Rick made a committment to Christ.
But this is all discouraging to him.
Can we pray that God will relieve his physical pain and encourage his heart? And let’s pray too that God would prevent satan from attacking him with discouragement and anger.
Blessings in Christ Jesus!