02 Oct

Pilgrim Announcements Sunday – 10/2/16

Announcements for Sunday – 10/2/16

Next Week’s Sunday School

SS Lesson: Job 1:1-22
Memory Verse: Job 1:20
Class Report: Youth I
Next Week’s Offering: General Fund

Sunday Evening

  • A Hymn Singing is planned for this evening.
  • Next Sunday evening is free.

Special Request

  • From Darrel Yoder, Iraq: I met someone today who is working here in Iraq.  They plan to spend a month in Staunton, VA from Dec. 1 to Jan. 1 while they are expecting their baby to arrive.  While they are in the US, they are interested in the possibility of a vehicle that they might be able to use.  They need only a 4 door car that allows for two carseats in the rear.  I don’t know what their particular religious affiliation is.  He is working on the Scripture effort over here.  I thought of the possibility of you all, should anyone happen to have interest.  If so, I can pass it on to him.  **Contact Darrell Hershberger if you can help with this need.**


  • The Jail service for this afternoon is cancelled.
  • C2C is planned for Monday evening.
  • Sisters’ Sewing is planned for Tuesday.
  • An Apple Cutting is planned for Tuesday evening.
  • The Regional Ministers’ Meeting is planned for Thursday at Aroda.
  • Janelle and Michael’s wedding is Saturday morning.
  • Pray for Kelvin’s family, they are dealing with strep throat.
  • November 6 is a possible Communion Service date.
  • Pray for Lina Miller and her family.