16 Oct

Pilgrim Announcements Sunday – 10/16/16

Announcements for Sunday – 10/16/16

Next Week’s Sunday School

SS Lesson: Job 3:1-26
Memory Verse: Job 3:23
Class Report: Junior
Next Week’s Offering: Aid Plan

Sunday Evening

  • This evening will be Small Bible Study Groups.
  • Next Sunday is free.


  • C2C is planned for Monday evening.
  • An Apple Cutting is planned for Tuesday evening.
  • Joey and Elfrieda’s wedding is planned for Saturday.
  • The Youth need someone to host them next Sunday evening.
  • There are small jars of honey on the mailbox counter for anyone to take.
  • LaVerne Millers would like some help getting ready to move over the next few weeks.
  • Cleanup at CBS is planned for November 8-9.
  • Ken is still at Youngstown, Ohio, but expects to be moved soon.
  • Revival Meetings are planned for next week, with Wayne Schrock from Catlett as the speaker.