18 Sep

Timo’s Testimony in Prison

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Joey’s Last Report

Written several days ago…

This morning I got called in to visit Timo about 10 minutes after I arrived at the jail. That quick entrance was a gift from God. I met one friend I learned to know weeks ago, coming from visiting his brother as I was entering. He just put his hand out and told me with real emotion “just about a week ago my brother got put into the same cell asTimo. He had left the cell he had been in for weeks and was going to get out.  But something got mixed up in his paperwork and he got sent back for a week. I want you to thank Timo for showing my brother Jesus. Accepting Jesus as his Savior, my brother is a different man now.”

Timo had told me this man is going to leave tomorrow, and that he’s planning to give his friend his Bible and another Bible study book I was able to get in today. Timo will still have a new testament I was able to get in earlier.

Timo told me you would not believe how many people are accepting the Lord. The only reason many do not go crazy is because they allow these services. But only if there happens to be a preacher inside. He said there are 3 of them preaching in different cells and singing with others that will join in.

It was amazing how the 30 minutes we had, felt like a lot longer. That was a blessing. This time I had eyes for more than just my husband. It was interesting to watch the guards watch us. Many looks to us and each other showed a real concern for us as a couple. It was sweet.

Timo is on meds for blood pressure but he looked really good. A bit hairy but good. He says he is happy to be in prison. God is doing so many marvelous things. It is a ministry he wouldn’t want to miss.

I have a little girl who has strep throat, and 2 others that might be starting. And David has chikungunya, we believe. So you can pray for us in that if you will. I have been doing very well, praise the Lord. I feel like as I have been brought to the edge of such difficulties instead of falling flat on my face. God is teaching me to fly to heights I did not know existed. The opportunities to grow through all this is something I would not want to have missed. Please pray that I will yet grow closer to my Lord.

Waiting is always the season to listen and learn. The heartache we both feel is nothing compared to the battle that is being raged. Let’s remember the enemy of our soul is not after our things. But our mind, our hearts, our faith and our peace. The battle was won on the cross, let’s just claim the victory. We are leaving everything in His hands. If you would like to join us, we are still praying for the biggest miracle yet.


We are grateful to each for your love and care of us.
Timo, Joanna, David, Ruth, Lilly, Tati, and Eleazar

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