10 Jun

Update #6

Dear Friends,

A lot of people have been praying that I could get a leave to attend my daughter’s wedding on June 11. The other day I was informed by the prison staff that my request for a leave was denied. It seems that due to the nature of my offense I’m not able to get “community release status.”

Of course I was sad about that, and the tears came. But due to the joy of the upcoming occasion, I couldn’t stay sad very long. Neither would I want anyone else’s joy to be in the least bit dampened just because I can’t be there.

God heard our prayers. And His answer was “no.” We remember that His ways are infinitely higher than our ways and He often doesn’t give us what we want because He has something better in mind. In His good time we will understand better.

I’m not upset at the FBOP or the prison staff either. They are just doing their job, a job worthy of our prayers.

But there are a couple of things I’d like to say.

God’s design for marriage, family, and human sexuality stands as strong as ever. Judicial rulings, government legislation, and personal choice may attempt to find alternatives to God’s created order. But all such attempts will ultimately be exposed for what they are–revolt against the Living God of Heaven–and will be judged as such.

I am also so happy to declare God’s transforming power available for all of us poor sinners who surrender to Jesus in faith and repentance.

I am positively thrilled that God has led my daughter and a wonderful godly man together and that the two of them are absolutely committed to one another for life, come what may.

June 10 (The day prior to our daughter’s wedding)  marks 27 years since Linda and I joined our lives together by the grace of God. We join countless millions who testify to the goodness of God’s amazing plan. Click here to read “Twenty-Five Years Together.”

So it’s my wish that this time could be an occasion for the whole world to glorify the goodness of God and His wonderful plan for marriage and family.

Now that would make my day!

Ken Miller

Federal Correctional Complex

P.O. Box 1000

Petersburg, VA 23804