30 Mar

Praise Report and Prayer Requests from Ken

To My dear brothers and sisters at Pilgrim,

I would really like to be at prayer meeting this evening, but I will have to settle for being there in the spirit. An update / report of the first week is forthcoming, in the meantime here are some praise items and some prayer concerns

Praise items:
1. Praise God for helping me navigate the uncertainties and challenges of incarceration.
2. Praise God for allowing me to meet a few Christian men I can trust.
3. Praise God for physical safety.

Areas needing prayer:
1. Pray for my bunkmate— Dennis. He is not religious at all. Pray that God would soften his heart and that I would have grace and wisdom in relating to him.
2. Pray for wisdom in knowing which group of Christians to associate with.
3. Pray for wisdom to know how I should maximize my time for the Kingdom

I am doing well by the grace of God, seeking to find joy in my circumstances, and to leave a light in this dark place. The darkness is real and I definitely feel it pressing in at times.

I’m so thankful for the verse in John 1 “And the light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehendeth (or does not overcome) the light! I love that alternative translation. Truly we serve a wonderful God whose Son rose from the dead and is with us forever. “Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world!”

much Love and many prayers,