18 Jan

Pilgrim Announcements Sunday – 01/18/15

Announcements for Sunday – 01/18/15

Next Week’s Sunday School

SS Lesson: Luke 24:36-53
Memory Verse:Luke 24:52&53
Class Report:
Next Week’s Offering: Aid Plan

James and 1&2 Peter will be the next Sunday school books to discuss.


Sunday Evening

Ken is preaching this evening with the second “Vision for Pilgrim” message. The service begins at 7:00.


  • Brother Ken is preaching this morning at Mt. Zion per Eli’s request.
  • Brother Duane and family are leaving this Friday for CBS. Duane will be teaching a Christian Home and a Psalms class, LW.
  • Brothers Meeting is planned for Wednesday evening at 7:00. Agendas are in your mailboxes.
  • Katrina Slining passed her CNA test!
  • Byron is back from Guatamala. The Haiti people are coming back this evening, LW.
  • There’s a letter from a Craigsville inmate on the board.