11 Jan

Pilgrim Announcements Sunday – 01/11/15

Announcements for Sunday – 01/11/15

Next Week’s Sunday School (sorry, I failed to note this)


Singing at Avante this afternoon.

Sunday Evening

No services this evening. Craigsville people meet at 5:30.


  • Sewing on Tuesday
  • Prayer Meeting on Wednesday 7:30, Instruction class 6 :45
  • Aid plan statements are in your mailboxes.  Let Duane or Arlen know about errors ASAP. The aid plan is in need of funds.
  • Welcome to Elam King, teacher intern from Faith Builders. He’ll be helping out at the school for the next five weeks.
  • The ministry is planning to start preaching on the family after Duane returns from CBS in mid February.  Until then the messages will center around a vision for this church.