27 Dec

Sermon on the Mount Review Sheet

Dear People,

Tomorrow we plan to have a special time of testimony at the beginning of the message, with us talking about how the teachings from the Sermon on the Mount of made a difference for us.  I’ve compiled a paper with excerpts from Pilgrim Events sermon notes from this series of messages.  It may help jog your memory. Click here to download the pdf. Thanks, see you tomorrow!

PCF Sermon on the Mount Sermon Review

Excerpts from Pilgrim Events sermon notes


Duane, Introduction, 5:1-4 What is a disciple? A disciple is someone who follows somebody wherever they go and studies their actions, speech, and way of life. What does a disciple do? 1. He needs to memorize what his teacher says.2. He needs to study how his teacher lives in detail. 3. He has to imitate his teacher in his life, actions, and words. 4. He needs to go and make disciples of his own, passing on his teacher’s words.

Darrell, Meekness, Righteousness, 5:5-6 Moses and meekness..

Ken, Mercy, Blessed are the Pure in Heart, 5:7-8 Being pure of heart is being clean. It is willing one thing, and having one passion in life: HIM. The pure heart is an undivided heart; it will serve God the whole way or not serve him at all. The pure of heart will serve God with their business or car, and not have that car or business off to one side for themselves.

Elmer, Peacemakers Peacekeepers look for good in their fellowmen. Many struggles in relationships occur over misunderstandings. Angry responses do not contribute to peaceful relationships. Peacemakers function with cool heads and warm hearts. We can control our emotions when we bring every thought into captivity to Christ. We can disagree peaceably and let things go without falling out over them. Surrender to the consensus of the brotherhood is good and right. It is a serious matter to stand against the body of Christ. Oneness and unity is important to Christ.

Simon—persecution Is our church being persecuted today? Yes, as a body and as individuals. Some pressures that we may face are 1) the threat of false teachers. 2) to conform to the world’s fashion. 3) to compromise the Word of God.

Ken, The Disciple’s Influence, 5:13-16 NO NOTES

Darrell, Loving the Law, 5:17-20 The Old Testament is good

Simon, Offences Will Come, 5:21-26 Being reconciled quickly is paramount to maintaining and growing relationships! Especially when it comes to children and also to each other. Being kind, tenderhearted, etc. to each other is the Kingdom of Christ. Jesus said that murdering someone has the same consequences or the same potential as becoming angry. We need to be walking in the light, filled with grace.

Ken, Living with a Pure Heart in a Defiled World, 5:27-30 If your hand offends you, cut it off and cast it from you. Why didn’t Jesus call for prayer and meditation to keep us from these temptations? Because he knew this was a monster that needs to be dealt with decisively. CUT IT OFF; CAST IT FROM YOU. Strong action is needed. Seven Ways to Overcome Lust

Bennie, Marriage and Its Beginnings, Matthew 5:31-32 Marriage is not only an agreement between man and woman, but it is also a contract with God. Marriage is beautiful.

Darrell, The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth, 5:31-37 We should honor our commitments and do what we say. We need to be honest with ourselves and not over estimate what we can do. 1 John 1:6 We need to be sincere about who we really are, not pretending to be something we are not.

Duane, Nonresistance, 5:38-42 No Notes

Simon, Loving Our Enemies, 5:43-48 Only love will extinguish hate. How we befriend our enemy is important and will expose our motivations. Befriending an enemy on their terms may appear the easiest, but may involve compromise. We can also be tempted to make peace on our own terms. Rather, we are called upon to make peace on God’s terms, responding to evil in ways which reflect God and the mind of Christ, relying on love to provide reconciliation.

Ken, Living Under God’s Approval, 6:1-4 There is the tyranny of self-comparison where we are constantly comparing ourselves with others around us and thinking that we are better than other people. But Jesus taught against the approval of people. We need to have the approval of God. Ananias and Sapphira are examples of this and we know what the result was. But Jesus gives another way of doing things. STOP THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF and start thinking about all that needs to be done.

Elmer, Prayer, 6:5-8 The older people should pray for the youth in the church, and the youth should be praying for the older people as well. This would help the youth and the older people to relate well with each other. Some issues should not only be taken into the prayer closet, but shared across the table sometimes.

Simon, The Lord’s Prayer, 6:9-13 If He is our Father, and we have been adopted into His family by the blood of Jesus, then He is with us at all times. He is our authority. He is holy. We dare not lose our respect and reverence for God. We must come to Him with all due respect. We do well to revere and honor His holy name. We can come to Him at anytime, day or night.

Darrell, Forgiveness: Rest at the Cross, 6:14-15 No Notes

Ken, Fasting in a Fast-Food Age, 6:16-18 Jesus assumed His disciples would fast after He left them. Fasting was never specifically required, but if we look at Jesus and His disciples, they needed to fast. How can we be close to the Father and not need to fast?

Simon, The American Dream or the Heavenly Reality, 6:19-24 How do we convert earthly treasures to Be involved in good works with the resources that we have. We need to be showing our families that doing things for the Lord is more important to us than making money. Some other ways would be funneling personal funds into church funds, or giving money to a younger person who is trying to start a business. Where is our treasure? Look where our hearts are. Are they on money, things, hobbies, sports? Our hearts should be on heavenly treasures. What motivates us to lay up treasure in We need to have a single eye, meaning being focused on Jesus. As our single eye vision improves we will be better and better able to make investments in heaven.

Duane, Where is Your Treasure, 6:19-24 Giving is the signature mark of God. God’s blessings are free gifts to us and we need to pass them on freely. We may give to people who we do not think deserve it. How much should we give? We give as much as we can.

Darrell, Do Not Be Anxious, 6:25-26 If God sees when even a sparrow dies, how much more is He concerned about us, His children, who will love eternally? We glorify God most when we are aware of our total dependence on Him. We acknowledge our life is very fragile, our breath is a gift. God made the flowers, he draws attention to the lily. What is more lovely and beautiful than a pure white lily? God created beauty from the inside out. And so our lives are most beautiful when Christ shines from out hearts.

Ken, The Provisions of God’s Kingdom, 6:24-34 Ken finished the message with a hypothetical Kingdom Seeker Sam. We need to live in such a way that Christ’s Kingdom is evident in our lives.

Simon, Motes and Beams, Matthew 7:1-6 We are quick to judge small faults in others without dealing with the big issues in our own lives. Things in regard to Christian judgments: 1. Not taking revenge 2. Not based on insufficient evidence 3. Not based on hearsay 4. Not hypocritical 5. Not condemnation 6. Not out of wrong motives Judgment should have the goal of restoration: 1. Discern good from evil 2. Prove all things 3. Mark those who cause divisions 4. Reprove, rebuke, exhort 5. Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness

Darrell, Ravenous for Righteousness, 7:7-11 1. Recognition and Repentance 2. Resolve and Resistance 3. Relationship and Righteousness. Does the Spirit reveal areas I need to change during a Gospel message, but the next Sunday I have not changed? We need to recognize ourselves and REPENT! Our daily asking, seeking, knocking needs to be “Lord, PLEASE change me in this specific area. Do we plan to change? We need Vision, Intention, and Means to really change.

Ken, The Rule of Love, 7:12 This unnatural love comes only from God. This process starts with us choosing to think positive thoughts about the “irritating” people in our lives. The true follower of Christ chooses this kind of love.We are called to love others before they love us.


Ken, The Broad and Narrow Ways


Elmer, False Teachers


Simon, Doing the Will of the Father