17 Aug

Pilgrim Announcements Sunday – 08/17/14

Announcements for Sunday – 08/17/14

Next Week’s Sunday School

SS Lesson: Luke 17:1-19

Memory Verse: Luke 17:3

Class Report: Intermediate

Next Week’s Offering: Aid Plan


  • Softball game Friday evening at 6:30 at the ball field on Hall School Road.

Sunday Evening

  • Hymn Singing this evening.
  • Free Sunday next Sunday evening.


  • Kenneth Troyer expressed thanks for everyone helping with the school house cleaning. There are a number of “leftover” items from the school that need to be claimed by their owners. These items are in the entrance of the church for you to pick up.
  • Friday will be the first day of school.
  • A fellowship dinner will be next Sunday. There are instructions posted on the bulletin board concerning this.
  • A Brethren’s Meeting will be held Wednesday evening at 7:00.


God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace to the humble. James 4:6