06 Apr

Pilgrim Announcements Sunday – 04/6/14

Announcements for Sunday – 04/6/14

Next Week’s Sunday School

SS Lesson: Luke 10:17-24

Memory Verse: Philippians 4:16 & 17

Class Report: Junior

Next Week’s Offering: General Fund


  • Singing at Augusta Health Thursday evening at 7:10. Songbooks: Songs of Faith and Praise

Sunday Evening

  • Service this evening: Jonathan Miller will finish his topic on the History of Music, at 7:30.
  • Instruction Class at 6:45
  • Next Sunday evening: Bible Study groups.


  • Chorus Practice Wednesday evening at 7:00.
  • Prayer request for Jay Lindeman: for his health and his salvation.
  • A sign-up sheet is on the board for the Women’s Retreat being held next Saturday.
  • Council Meeting will be April 16 and Communion will be April 20.
  • Duanes are at Aroda today.
  • Simons are in Tennessee today, and will be traveling on to the Minister’s Meetings this week.
  • Duane will also be flying out to the Minister’s Meetings this week.
  • Darrell will be preaching on Saturday at the Shippensburg Bible school.
  • A Day of Appreciation is being planned for Bennies, on May 18.

He that abides in Christ, and Christ in him, the same brings forth much fruit.