09 Feb

Pilgrim Announcements Sunday – 02/9/14

Announcements for Sunday – 02/9/14

Next Week’s Sunday School

SS Lesson: Luke 8:26-56

Memory Verse: Phil. 4:10

Class Report: Youth I

Next Week’s Offering: School


  • Avante singing planned this afternoon.
  • Hospital singing planned for  Tuesday evening. A host is still needed.
  • The signup sheet for Hymns of the Church songbooks is still on the board.


Sunday Evening: Free


  1. Kenneth brought snacks from the church in India to share with us at the fellowship meal.
  2. C2C staff will meet in the back after church.
  3. The music weekend with Nathan Good is in two weeks.
  4. Simon and Ellen, and Ken’s family are in Ireland. Today the church there is commissioning Wendell Hochstetler as lead pastor.

“The Lord direct your hearts into the Love of God and into the patient waiting for Christ.” 2. Thes. 3:5