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The Joy Of Children (Psalm 127:1-128:6)

Darrell Hershberger, April 26, 2015
Part of the Sermon series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Tags: children, family

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For any family, it will be a losing battle unless the Lord builds it up. A family is God’s idea, and He sustains it and gives it life. Children are a blessing from the hand of the Lord.

Children are likened to arrows in the quiver of a warrior. A man with a quiver full will have much power in defeating the enemy. So a man with many children has many “weapons” that will go out into the world and accomplish God’s will.

Children should not be a nuisance. They are why we are here, to bring them up to be warriors of the Kingdom.

In a larger family, joys are multiplied and sorrows are spread out. Children learn how to relate to and get along with each other. Their world view becomes enlarged.

The joy of discipline: Discipline is not a burden because it enables life to be lived like it was meant to be. Discipline and training will establish a pattern of behavior that will be beneficial later.

Fathers need to lead out in this. We must be sure we do not provoke our children to anger.

We also need each other. None of us can raise our families alone; we need the help and advice of each other.