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The Provisions Of God's Kingdom (Matthew 6:24-34)

Ken Miller, November 9, 2014
Part of the Sermon On The Mount series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Tags: Gods Care, seeking the kingdom

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This morning Ken started his message by going back to Darrell’s message two Sundays ago. He talked a little about anxiety. What is Jesus’ cure for anxiety? Jesus tells us not to worry; the cure is seeking first the Kingdom of God. By seeking first the Kingdom, all your needs will be met. Do not worry about tomorrow.

Seek – pursue something with great intensity. The woman who lost her coin sought diligently for it.

Ye – a two letter word with a lot of punch. It is you and I. It is all of us—we are all called to pursue the Kingdom of God with intensity.

First – something of HIGH priority. Athletes have one aim when they are training for the Olympics—winning. If an athlete can go through all that just to win the Olympics, surely we can pursue heavily the heavenly goal.

A kingdom has three aspects: King – Jesus; Subjects – Us; Realm – The area that a king reigns over. Anywhere where God’s will is being done is where the kingdom of God is.

Ken finished the message with a hypothetical Kingdom Seeker Sam. We need to live in such a way that Christ’s Kingdom is evident in our lives.

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