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Gifts from the Father's Hand (Psalm 27:1-14)

Simon Schrock, August 18, 2013
Part of the Sermon series, preached at a Sunday Morning service


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Brother Simon was last with us at a prayer meeting where Arlen shared a devotional on a church that prayed for its
leaders. Later Ken requested prayer for the bishop and his wife. Little did we realize how much we would pray for
them in the next weeks.
1) Expectations of people are subject to disappointment
2) God wants to and is able to meet all of our needs
I Kings 9:26-28, 22:41-49, II Chron. 20
King Jehoshophat made peace with King Ahab and made plans to take a voyage to look for gold. God took action to
protect King Jehoshophat from this relationship by allowing his ships to be broken. This must have been a
disappointment to him. Sometimes life can be confusing when we see some people experiencing success but there
may be things that we don’t know about in their lives.
We need to look at God’s long range purposes. How do we respond when our expectations of other people are
unmet? Could it be that our expectations are based on selfishness or that scriptural principles are neglected?
Our expectations should be founded in God. We should value others as being created in the image of God. When we
can do this we will still value them when they disappoint us. We should also respect our authorities on the basis that
their authority is given to them by God.
It is so easy for us to look for joy in things, relationships, affirmation, or personal accomplishments but we will not be
satisfied in these things. Only God can give us real joy and lasting satisfaction. When we have nothing left but Jesus
we find Him to be enough and we will be satisfied.
We could ask the question, ‘Why are we given so much when we really don’t need it and when it won’t satisfy?’ Can
we view these gifts as blessings from the Father’s hand? They are not given to us to hold on to but to enjoy. God can
take them away any time he chooses.
Job lost everything he had including his wife’s support. Esther gave up security to become the queen. Many of us
have experienced loss through death, fire or accidents. In all this we can find security in the knowledge that God’s
hand is over us through it all. We may never know why God allows our ‘ship to be broken’ but we can know that God
is looking out for our good.3
How can we avoid failed expectations or avoid breaking our own ship? We need to look at our true motivation.
—Becky Chupp

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