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Raising Children I: Discipline ()

Dan Stoltzfus, May 5, 2013
Part of the Raising Children series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

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Session 1: Discipline

We were blessed this morning to have brother Dan Stoltzfus and his wife Naomi from Slanesville, W. Va. with us to give us
teaching on raising our families in a Godly way.
The goal that we as parents should have is to make disciples out of our children. We as parents need to live disciplined
lives so we can properly discipline our children.
The dictionary meaning for discipline is:
1. To train: is to bring to a condition of order and obedience; bring under control
2. To punish; chastise
We need a proper fear of God so we can pass it on to our children. Children are a blessing from God. Children should feel
free to come to us parents with any questions they might have.
Our homes should be a safe place for our children. Can we as parents say “I am sorry” when we have failed or made
Is God’s Word precious to us? How faithful are we in reading and teaching God’s word? Do we know God as Philippians
3:10 says? Are we concerned which direction our children go? What is our motive in disciplining our children? Is it for our
reputation, or is it for the good of our children?
What do we think of as a person who lives a disciplined life? A disciplined person has respect for other people, is careful
how he lives his life, he practices self-control and self-denial. A disciplined person has a good relationship with God and
his fellow man and also his children.
Are we disciplined in our words? What do our children here us say? How can we teach obedience to our children if we
don’t submit to and obey God’s commandments? How do we respond to those in authority over us?
Discipline should be correction, not just punishment.
--Edwin Summy

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