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Standing in Awe of God (Psalm 139:1-24)

John Beiler, April 28, 2013
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Standing in Awe of God
April 28, 2013
John David Beiler
Text: Psalm 139
Awe means a mixture of wonder and dread. Some synonyms are wonder, admiration, respect and reverence.
God is: 1. omniscience
2. omnipresent
3. omnipotent
God knows everything.
Are we allowing God to search us as David did into
his life?
vs. 16 God knows about us even before we are born.
vs. 6 His knowledge is beyond us.
God is present everywhere.
vs. 7 Where can I go?
Jer. 23 talks about a God who is very near to us.
Jonah was used as an example. Naturally you want to run away if we aren't doing what is right.
God is all-powerful.
God gives life by just speaking the word. He is our Lord and our Redeemer. Nothing is too difficult.
How should we respond to God's greatness?
1. Humbly and reverently come before Him.
2. Boldly take a stand with Him.
David opens and closes Psalm 139 with standing in awe. He explored who God was and then responded in worship.
We need to give up our own ideas. God's greatness calls for the same worship today. Do I have barriers that keep me
from responding?
Let's let Him- Probe us. Examine us.
Thank Him! Respond with worship and righteousness.
--Alison Hershberger

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